January 8, 2009

Malmö City Library

Wishlist for the world's libraries:
-remain pertinent
-constantly integrate emerging technologies into service
-support seasoned and new patrons

I stumbled onto Malmö City Library's page this morning and was inspired!

interior view

It's not 'new' news, but an exciting feature here is one can 'check out' a person: engage in a 45 minute conversation with someone in an entirely different pair of shoes from you (as far as religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality...)

That is awesome. A helpful and fun feature, and catchy enough to be mentioned outside of libraryland (I found an article about it in the Advocate). Innovative! Smart! Marketable!

And what about this. Suggest-a-purchase form for when patrons can't find what they are looking for in the library's catalog. These seemingly small innovations make huge differences. Let's take the time to notice these types of add-ons and services that make a library stand out and get attention...and more (and more satisfied) patrons.

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