January 13, 2009

Spring 2009

Oh boy. Only one week left of break in between semesters. Being away from school a month makes me feel like I've never been there at all! I am truely excited though to start my three courses: Instructional Technologies with Jessica Hochman, Cultural Diversity and Libraries with Jason Baumann, and Medical Librarianship with Helen-Ann Brown (which only has 3 students currently registered including me!). 'Chornomore' aka this blog will hopefully be experiencing more frequent posts from discussions and readings around these classes! A round-up of the other courses I have taken thus far for the MLS:

Information Professions with John Berry
Knowledge Organization with Virgina Bartow
Information Technologies with Charles Rubenstein
Information Services and Resources with Deborah Rabina
Lit/Literacy for Young Adults with Hillias Jack Martin
Lit/Literacy for Children with Caroline Ward

Excellent! Stay tuned...

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